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Quick Overview

Solid platinum probe for electrical measurements.

f = 10 kHz   |   k = 8 N/m   |   tip material: Pt
製品 単価 個数
25PT400B (10 Pack)
(Ships in 1-2 Weeks)


The 25Pt400B is similar to the 25Pt300B, but with a lower spring constant. It is often used in when smaller spring constant is needed.
Material: Solid platinum probe tip and cantilever supported on standard AFM probe sized ceramic chip, connected to conductive gold bonding pad with conductive epoxy.

Tip shank length: 80 μm (± 25%)
Cantilever length: 400 μm (± 15%)
Cantilever width: 100 μm (± 15%)
Spring constant: 8 N/m (± 40%)
Frequency: 10 kHz (± 30%)
Tip radius: < 20 nm
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Additional Information

Tip Radius 20
Tip Radius 10-20 nm
Spring Constant 8
Frequency 10
Compatibility No
Manufacturer Rocky Mountain

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